Stationary Hors d’oeuvres

These dishes are presented on round, black, disposable platters with a domed lid for easy transportation, and require minimal set-up and maintenance.

Stationary Hors D’oeuvres Platters

72 hours advanced notice, please
Small serves 8-10
Medium serves 12-20
Large serves 23-30

Charcuterie Platter
A selection of domestic and European cured meats and pates served with crusty bread, cornichons, house marinated olives, and whole grain Dijon mustard.
Small – 90.00
Medium – 145.00
Large – 210.00

Artisan Cheese Platter
Combination of local and European farmstead cheeses served with crackers, house made quince paste, dried fruits, and nuts
Small – 90.00
Medium – 155.00
Large – 220.00

Antipasto Platter
A variety of marinated vegetables, roasted peppers, salamis, olives, and braised portabella mushrooms served with garlic rubbed focaccia bread.
Small – 80.00
Medium – 120.00
Large – 175.00

Crudités Platter
Fresh vegetables expertly prepared and served with our classic hummus and blue cheese dips
Small – 55.00
Medium – 75.00
Large – 95.00

Lox Platter
This platter is traditionally presented with capers, egg whites and yolks, shallots, chopped red onion and served with crackers
Small – 90.00
Medium – 145.00
Large – 210.00

Seviche Platter
Shrimp, Scallops and blue fish intensely cooked with citrus juices flavored with cilantro and jalapeno peppers served with our house fried blue corn tortilla chips.
Small – 48.00
Medium – 90.00
Large – 130.00